Concert Hors-Sol, Maruwa, Jolly et Subsism à Montreuil le 2 mars 2024

Samedi 2 mars 2024


La Marbrerie La Marbrerie

Prix : De 13.00 € à 19.00 €

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Club - techno, house et électro

  • MARUWA [francfort]
  • JOLLY [paris]
  • SUBSISM [lyon]

Our party advocates for a festive and happy field of expression, lightness and human communion, where freedom, open-mindedness and respect for others are essential pillars. A place where everyone feels at home. Any of the following behaviours will result in exclusion from our events: violence, harassment, failure to respect the non-consent of others, racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism or any other discriminatory behaviour.

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Tél. 01 43 62 71 19 - Email.

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